Who We Are

Now that The Philly Frenetics Podcast is about to launch – check out our trailer here – we figured we would give you all a quick rundown of who we are, what we’re doing, and why we’ve made some of the aesthetic choices we’ve made.

First of all, we’re Joe Greenwich and John Saeger, two friends who double as rabid sports fans. We both grew up in and around Philadelphia, and the teams of The City of Brotherly Love are who gave us our sports educations.

For years we’ve talked of building a website or recording a podcast, and now we’ve finally decided to go and do both. We both enjoy talking about our local teams and about sports in general, so we’re going to do that. Sometimes, we will agree. Other times, we will not. That’s when it’ll get fun!

We both also enjoy writing, so we’ll have some pieces on here separate from our podcast episodes. We aren’t planning to be a news-gathering organization, though; these pieces will be commentary, for sure. You know how sometimes that opinion is just dying to come out, but there’s nobody to share it with, and everyone you know has already muted your social media accounts because of your frequent “Von Hayes Should Have His Number Retired” posts? Stuff like that, but less ridiculous. We hope.

Our cover art features a great shot of the city skyline, taken by our buddy Joe. You can see more of his work at www.saycheezestudios.com; he has a ton of fantastic photos from around Philadelphia, and you can buy prints on his site. Give him a follow on Instagram at @saycheezestudios.

Finally, those of you who are locals probably recognize the blue and yellow that is synonymous with the City of Philadelphia. The colors are a nod to the colonization of the area by Swedes in the 1600s, and have survived despite their use in one of the most hideous throwback uniforms in sports history.

Thanks for visiting our site, thanks for listening to the podcast, and we hope you enjoy them both!

– The Philly Frenetics

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