Pod: Philadelphia Resplendent: The Phillies are Postseason Bound and the Eagles are 4-0

“Understand me? We back up.”

The Phillies are back in the playoffs.

Yep, you read that correctly.

The Phillies clinched a wild card berth into the MLB Playoffs with a 3-0 win over the Astros on Monday night. The guys talk about the win, how the team got where they are, and what might happen this weekend in St. Louis. Then, it’s onto the Eagles, the NFL’s last remaining unbeaten team at 4-0.

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The rundown:

• The guys talk about the Phillies’ clinching win over the Astros and how really, it’s either to John’s credit that they made it, or it’s his fault why they didn’t for so long

• Aaron Judge hit his 62nd home run right before this episode was recorded, and the topic is discussed (5:50)

• “What Are You Drinking?” brought to you by someone who was almost out of a job Tuesday morning (11:08)

• The guys discuss the actual reasons why the Phillies ultimately made it to the postseason (12:36)

• Despite the good feelings, Joe has to get mad about something, and this week it’s the Phillies postgame show and the fan base’s defeatist attitude (22:03)

• A discussion of how far the Phillies can go, with a bit of #LOLMets thrown in… (27:20)

• …before predictions are made about how far they will go, including an intense battle between John’s heart and his mind (37:19)

• You can tell how big a deal it is that the Phillies made the playoffs by the fact that the Eagles game doesn’t get mentioned until the episode is three-quarters finished (42:52)

• The NFL season has already reached the quarter-pole, so the guys check in on how their Wins Pool picks are doing (50:16)

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