Week 12 Quick Picks: Eagles vs. Packers

Another prime time home game awaits the Eagles on Sunday night against Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. The Birds managed to pull victory from the jaws of defeat last week in Indianapolis; after a defeat to the Commanders the week before, are they back to their winning ways, or is the S.S. Iggle listing?

John picked a win last week, so he goes first this week.

John (5-3-2): Earlier in the year, I struggled to predict the outcome of the current stretch of Eagles games. The schedule was getting tougher because Aaron Rodgers was on the calendar. Surely, the Packers would be at the top of the, um, pack in the NFC.

Well, things have changed and remained the same. Green Bay is well under .500. The Eagles are driving towards the crucial top seed in the NFC… and yet Aaron Rodgers still lurks under center, threatening to pick apart weaknesses near and far. 

The Eagles shored up some of those soft spots over the last few weeks. Suh could stomp on the Packers running game himself. Look for the defense to show up with an extra chip on its shoulder. They are, after all, wearing mourning colors tonight. Philly’s all-black uniforms will officially send Green Bay’s season to an early grave. Eagles 30, Packers 24.

Offensive Standout: Miles Sanders

Defensive Standout: Slay

Joe (3-5-2): See, I was just waiting to get my record to look like a soccer formation in honor of the World Cup. Time to get serious and get some wins.

Before the season, this game was marked on a lot of calendars as a primo matchup, most prominently of all, NBC’s. The Peacock is probably wishing it could have flexed this out one of prime time, though, as the Packers have not been as advertised in 2022.

But John’s right; they’ve still got Aaron Rodgers, and they’ve also got Aaron Jones. It’s going to rain, which is notable mostly because I’ll be at the game, so the running game is going to be key. I think the Eagles’ offensive line will get the job done to the tune of 150 collective rushing yards for the Birds. Defensively, stopping Jones will be the focus, and while the team’s new additions along the line – please note how John didn’t even attempt to spell “Ndamukong” – expect it to be the linebackers doing the work. Eagles 23, Packers 13.

Offensive Standout: Eagles’ offensive line

Defensive Standout: T.J. Edwards

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