Week 13 Quick Picks: Eagles vs. Titans

The Eagles improved to 10-1 with a win on Sunday night against the Packers. Another home game against a talented running back awaits as Derrick Henry and the Tennessee Titans visit Lincoln Financial Field in Week 13. Is win number 11 in the cards, or will Henry run wild and send the Eagles to their second defeat?

John claimed victory last week, so he goes first.

John (6-3-2): This game is a sharp contrast in weaponry. The Titans come into Philly with one of the league’s most feared running backs. The Eagles have one of the most explosive offenses in all of the NFL. There have been times that the team can impose its will on its opponent, running up the tab in the air or on the ground.

The Eagles will turn this into the A.J. Brown Game. The Titans boast a quality rushing defense, so logic should point them towards a high-flying attack. Defensively, Sunday will come down to the defensive line again. Look for Javon Hargarve to lead the way, just like he has all season. Eagles 27, Titans 24.

Offensive Standout: A.J. Brown

Defensive Standout: Javon Hargrave

Joe (3-6-2): You know, claiming victory over the guy who picked the offensive line as his standout after a 360-yard rushing game takes real brass ones. Your hubris will be your downfall, John.

The Eagles’ downfall, though, is going to be their run defense. Not just this week, but for the rest of the season unless they get it shored up. And facing Derrick Henry is the opposite of an elixir for a struggling run D; more like ‘e licks ‘em, to the tune of a buck fifty on the ground.

And honestly, it’s difficult to be mad at them; Henry will do that to you. The Eagles might be fine moving forward, or they might not, but they definitely won’t be fine on Sunday. Titans 26, Eagles 20.

Offensive Standout: Derrick Henry

Defensive Standout: Kevin Byard

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