Week 6 Quick Picks: Eagles vs. Ravens

First place was fun while it lasted, right?

This week, the 1-3-1 Eagles return to Lincoln Financial Field for a matchup with Lamar Jackson and the 4-1 Baltimore Ravens. Despite the disparity in their records and, to this point, overall quality as football teams, both teams are just a half-game out of first place in their respective divisions.

Joe earned a somewhat cheap and unfulfilling victory last week, but undefeated is undefeated; he goes first once again.

Joe (3-0-2): I can’t shake the feeling that the Eagles are not a bad football team. They are by no means a good one, but they’re not bad. They showed their quality in San Francisco, and they showed me something in coming back from 17 points down in Pittsburgh before the coaching staff shot themselves in the feet. With the loss of Dak Prescott throwing the Cowboys’ season into further turmoil – for what it’s worth, I think there’s a chance Andy Dalton is the third-best quarterback in the division after Prescott and Carson Wentz – the Eagles have a prime opportunity to claim their third NFC East title in four seasons.

But it ain’t gonna start this week. The Ravens, now they are a good football team. Jackson is on par with Patrick Mahomes when it comes to the most dangerous players in the game, and he is going to be an absolute nightmare for this Eagles defense to handle. As for the Ravens defense, they gave up 34 points to Mahomes and the Chiefs in Week 3, and a combined 42 points to their other four opponents.

Despite that, I think the Eagles will put some points on the board, and maybe even come out of the gates hot with the home fans in attendance for the first time. I see an early 10-0 lead. Well, this is Doug Pederson we’re talking about, so maybe 11-0.

But then Jackson will settle in, and the good team will play like the good team, and the “not bad but not really good, either” team will play not bad, but not really good football, either, and the world will return to its axis, or at least whatever approximates its axis in 2020. Ravens 41, Eagles 23.

Offensive Standout: Lamar Jackson

Defensive Standout: Calais Campbell

John (0-3-2): Travis Fulgham will come down to earth following his smoldering performance against the Pittsburgh Steelers, but the Eagles’ offense will continue to play well versus a tenacious Baltimore Ravens defense. They will, however, not be able to play well enough. John Harbaugh’s team is just on another level and the Eagles will not be able to push across enough points unless the defense wins the turnover battle.

Turnovers are something Jim Schwartz’s unit has struggled with since 2017. The team has ranked in the bottom half of the NFL in inducing takeaways over the last three seasons. If they want to stand a chance against Lamar Jackson, they need to get the star QB to cough up the football at least twice. Ravens 33, Eagles 24.

Offensive Standout: Lamar Jackson

Defensive Standout: Patrick Queen

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