Pod: Alec Bohm’s Big Toe; The Flyers Are Dead at the Trade Line; Weird Finishes

This week, the guys discuss multiple aspects of the Phillies-Braves game from Sunday night, the Flyers’ trade deadline moves, The Masters, and the weirdest endings to sporting events that they’ve seen in person.

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The rundown:

• Joe throws some incredibly fresh beef on the grill and goes after a local television network (1:12)

• John Reads the News™ (4:43)

• Joe embarks on another What Are You Drinking?™ taste test, this week sampling a bottle of Bold Rock Hard Lemonade: featuring “real flavor of lemonade” and everything! (7:27)

• The guys attempt to talk about Sunday’s game, and whether Alec Bohm was safe at home plate, but John can’t contain himself any longer and goes in on the ESPN Sunday Night Baseball broadcast (9:49) before using a euphemism that nearly brings Joe to tears; they eventually get back to Bohm and the concept of replay in baseball (19:25)

• The NHL trade deadline was Monday, and for the Flyers, the emphasis was on the “dead” part (25:41)

• John stumbles into a SOCCER MINUTE! about the Union’s trip to Costa Rica last week (34:38)

• Hideki Matsuyama made history with his win at The Masters; Joe wasn’t all that entertained by it, and John never saw it (38:01)

• The guys discuss Michael Conforto’s antics at Citi Field last Thursday (45:24)…

• …which leads to a discussion about the strangest finishes they’ve seen in person. Joe references a minor league hockey game where there were more players on the ice than on the benches at the end of the game and a basketball game where there were more players on the floor than there should have been, while John’s story comes from, believe it or not, a Phillies game (51:53)

Eagles-49ers Breakdown; Bryce Harper Should Be the NL MVP The Philly Frenetics Podcast

This week, the guys have a much less rosy disposition after the Eagles' loss to the 49ers (10:20).  After discussing the game and ripping head coach Nick Sirianni for a number of reasons, the guys discuss why the Phillies are still (technically) in postseason contention, and yes, it has a lot to do with Bryce Harper (37:26).  Plus, the end of Joe's nightmare taste-testing trilogy. — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app
  1. Eagles-49ers Breakdown; Bryce Harper Should Be the NL MVP
  2. Eagles-Falcons; Memorable Season Openers
  3. Ben Simmons Wants Out, and an Eagles Season Preview
  4. Ranking Philadelphia's Coaches
  5. The Phillies Were Hot, and Local Baseball is Cool

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