Week 9 Quick Picks: Eagles vs. Chargers

Photo: Chris Richards, used via CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Wouldn’t you know it; the Eagles went on the road and beat the worst team in the NFL. But it’s not beating the Lions that was noteworthy; it was the 349 rushing attempts by the Eagles offense – don’t fact-check that – that left everyone in a tizzy.

Will that continue in Week 9 when the Los Angeles Chargers visit Lincoln Financial Field? We’ll find out on Sunday, but right now, you can find out what the Philly Frenetics think. Joe won last week, so he goes first.

Joe (3-2-3): Man, John got so close, didn’t he? He drew level with me, but like Icarus, he flew too close to the sun; picking a winless team to do the one thing they have shown they cannot do is pretty arrogant, and to see him run up the mast by the one thing the Eagles had shown they would not do to that point made it all the sweeter. Mr. “OMG RUN THE BALL” lost because the Eagles ran the ball over and over and over again.

But it’s a new week, and this time, the Eagles are at home. Do you realize the Birds haven’t won at home yet this season? Seems strange, but when you consider who they’ve played in Philadelphia, it makes more sense.

You have to think they’re going to get one at some point, and with the Los Angeles Chargers of Inglewood in town, I think this one is ripe for the picking. The Chargers are almost certainly the better team and bring one of the game’s rising young quarterbacks in Justin Herbert to town. But they’re bringing him all the way across the country, and that always seems like a problem for the Chargers, doesn’t it?

After getting destroyed in Baltimore and suffering a disappointing home loss to the Patriots, you’d expect the Bolts to bounce back. I think they will, but in their next two games, at home against the Vikings and Steelers. The Eagles will send a jolt of false hope through the Delaware Valley with a win on Sunday. Eagles 25, Chargers 20.

Offensive Standout: Dallas Goedert

Defensive Standout: The untraded Fletcher Cox

John (2-3-3): See what happens when you run the ball?

Will it happen again? I don’t know, but the playbook for this week’s game will show if Nick Sirianni finishes the season on the sidelines or not.

Midway through the NFL season, Sunday’s win over the Lions was the first time that we’ve seen growth from the head coach. Seeing if the evolution is a fluke or a turning point is the only thing to monitor this week.

The Eagles will surprise everyone with a win at home. Sirianni can continue the run-heavy attack against a Chargers defense that has yielded the second-most rushing yards this year. L.A. has also yielded the third-fewest passing yards. This gives Sirianni all of the incentive to ride Boston Scott’s coattails and win his second straight game. Eagles 28, Chargers 25.

Offensive Standout: Boston Scott

Defensive Standout: T.J. Edwards

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