Week 15 Quick Picks: Eagles at Bears

Credit: Sea Cow, used via CC BY-SA 4.0

The Eagles have clinched a playoff spot; now, it’s just a matter of locking up the NFC East and the top seed.

The next stop on the Jalen Hurts MVP Tour is Soldier Field in Chicago for a date with the lowly Bears on Sunday. Da Bearse have an exciting young quarterback of their own in Justin Fields, and have played a number of close games.

Will Sunday’s tilt be another one? Or will the Birds fly away from the Bears on their way to 13-1? Read on to find out.

John (8-3-2): Da Bears vs. Iggles. Two of the most colorful fan bases in the NFL get to watch their teams square off this weekend. One is hoping for a higher draft pick. The other is hoping to get one step closer to wrapping up the #1 seed in the NFC. 

The Eagles are going to take this road game. If they lose this game, it’s because something catastrophic happened. Eagles 28, Bears 10.

Offensive Standout: Miles Sanders/the A-Gap

Defensive Standout: Fletcher Cox

Joe (3-8-2): I got something for your A-Gap.

Here’s the thing: it actually behooves the Eagles to lose this game. A win in Dallas on Christmas Eve locks up the NFC East and puts them one win from clinching the top seed. They don’t need this game.

But how does it benefit them to lose? Glad you asked! We’re not really NFL Draft people here, but the Eagles are in the unique position of being able to contend for the Super Bowl and also have a top-5 pick in the first round of the 2023 Draft thanks to Howie Roseman’s pantsing of the New Orleans Saints this spring. The Saints are 4-9, but you know who’s just a game ahead at 3-10?

Yup: the Chicago Bears! Let’s get Da Bears a win, and then beat Dallas and New Orleans to clinch the division and the top seed and knock the Saints even further down the standings.

It’s a win-win, but only if they lose. Trust me, it makes sense. Bears 17, Eagles 13.

Offensive Standout: Justin Fields

Defensive Standout: Nicholas Morrow

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