Super Bowl LVII Quick Picks: Eagles vs. Chiefs

It all comes down to one final game: the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs stand 60 minutes from adding another Lombardi Trophy to their respective trophy cases.

And, in the case of Quick Picks, a season’s worth of bickering over who really made the best pick will be settled once and for all on the field in Arizona.

Despite having a claim to the title, John put it all on the line in Super Bowl LVII: one last pick to decide the winner. He’ll go first.

John (8-6-6): So, here’s the deal… I have no idea what will happen in this game. I do think there are three equally-ish possible outcomes for this year’s Super Bowl:

• The Eagles get out in front early and hang on in a close, but comfortable game

• The Eagles win a nail-biter in a classic matchup

• Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid win a close game after the Eagles let the moment get to them 

Outcome number #1 is not only the most likely scenario, but the one with the most predictable standouts. I see DeVonta Smith as the guy who makes the oft-replayed catch where his toes drag on the turf, cementing himself as a wideout who absolutely belongs in this league. I also see the Eagles trying to keep Patrick Mahomes off the field thanks to a run-heavy attack in the second half.

On the other side of the ball, everyone’s favorite free agent, Haason Reddick, has the chance to wreck this game. The Chiefs will be so concerned with blocking him and the D-Line, that one of those factors will come through in this game. I see it being Reddick as forcing a key turnover that ices a drive. 

My crystal ball is cloudy… but here’s how I see it: Eagles 33, Chiefs 24.

Offensive Standout: DeVonta Smith

Defensive Standout: Haason Reddick

Joe (6-8-6): John and I reflected on this on the pod, and I’ve the same conversation wit a number of people over the last two weeks: the Eagles have been to two prior Super Bowls in my lifetime, and even won one of them, but this one somehow feels like it’s ours for the taking. And that is terrifying.

The Chiefs have been a juggernaut at times over the past few years, with Andy Reid at the helm and Patrick Mahomes doing the things that it seems like only Patrick Mahomes can do. But this Chiefs team has its flaws, namely on the defensive side of the ball, and it has an Evergreen container ship full of injuries to deal with, including one to Mahomes.

Mahomes got the job done against Cincinnati in the AFC Championship Game a week after injuring his ankle, and has now had two weeks to rest. The most likely reality is that Mahomes is going to be just fine, or at least fine enough.

The Eagles’ defensive line is great. Like, all-time great. They are salivating for this opportunity to tee off on Mahomes, just like the offense is licking its lips at the thought of going after the Kansas City defense.

But how often do you see this sort of thing come up, and in the end, the underdog wins against all odds? With all due respect to Jalen Hurts and the incredible season he’s had, if given the choice, you’re taking Patrick Mahomes every single time. And anyone who says they’d rather have Nick Sirianni over Andy Reid is either lying or in denial about just how great a coach Big Red is.

Things are set up perfectly for the Chiefs to pull off the upset. Somehow, they – the Kansas City Chiefs with Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid, of all teams – are the ones that nobody believes in. All it takes is a little bit of Mahomes magic, a respectable performance by the offensive line, and a sound scheme from the defense. This kind of result happens a lot, and it should be no surprise to see the Chiefs win this game.

But it’s also no surprise when the better, healthier team with the all-time great defensive line and the overpowering running game dominates the game from start to finish. Pole-climb responsibly. Eagles 29, Chiefs 10.

Offensive Standout: Kenneth Gainwell

Defensive Standout: James Bradberry

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