Week 15 Quick Picks: Eagles at Cardinals

Jalen Hurts has given Eagles fans the most dangerous thing: hope.

Despite being 4-8-1 on the season, the Birds are still within striking distance of a playoff spot – again, whether that’s a good thing or not is open to interpretation – and with Washington taking on Seattle this week, a win against the Cardinals in Arizona could put the Eagles’ fate in their own…talons, maybe?

Anyway, here’s how the guys think Sunday’s game will go. John won last week’s game, so he goes first.

John (3-6-4): In a year where the Eagles are not easily explained, no one truly saw Philly’s upset win over New Orleans coming. The randomness is why sports is magical and why you play games even if no one reasonably bets the underdog. Jalen Hurts gave the Eagles a different look last week. The offense hummed for the first time since the first half against Football Team. Can they do it twice in a row?

Not with the injuries in the secondary. The defense played admirably against the Saints, but they are beyond banged up in the secondary. The Cardinals offense will roll against whomever the Eagles roll out on Sunday. It will be a close game, but Arizona gets the home (and healthy) edge in this one. Uncertainty at the kicker position also gives the Cardinals an advantage in a game that just may come down to Jake Elliott breaking his slump. Cardinals 26, Eagles 24.

Offensive Standout: Kyler Murray

Defensive Standout: Jordan Hicks

Joe (6-3-4): “We should get away from picking quarterbacks to be the ‘Offensive Standout’ each week.” – John, like a month ago

Last week, I picked the Eagles to get plastered because of the Saints defense. This week, I’m picking them to get plastered because of their own defense. I think when all is said and done at the end of the season – which, depending on other results, could be as early as Sunday night – we’ll look back at the Eagles’ defensive performance on the whole and think, “You know what? They weren’t so bad.” But this Sunday will, in fact, be bad. Decimated by injury, we’re now asking the secondary to cover DeAndre Hopkins? Ruh roh.

Jalen Hurts will be fine; I suspect he’ll turn the ball over a couple times, and that will prevent the Eagles from getting much of an offensive rhythm going. The score will be inflated by the loss of Rodney McLeod and the general banged-upness of everyone else in addition to those turnovers, but in the end, a loss is a loss. Cardinals 31, Eagles 16.

Offensive Standout: DeAndre Hopkins

Defensive Standout: Haason Reddick

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