Week 12 Quick Picks: Eagles at Giants

It’s a bit peculiar that it’s the last week of November and the Eagles and Giants have yet to meet this season, but it’s true. Then again, they won’t see the Washington Football Team until Week 15, and then will play them again two weeks later, so what even is normalcy?

The Birds kick off the soft underbelly of their schedule this week at MetLife Stadium with a playoff run a distinct possibility. What do the Frenetics expect to see?

Joe won last week in a laugher, so he goes first again.

Joe (4-2-5): I will admit that the Eagles-Giants tilt hasn’t really been front of mind this week. It’s Thanksgiving, and the Union have a (conveniently timed for after the end of the Eagles game and) potentially franchise-defining playoff match at Subaru Park on Sunday evening.

I’ve also spent most of my time watching Peter Jackson’s incredible “The Beatles: Get Back” documentary series. It’s fascinating to watch the band at work and to see a narrative that has endured for more than half a century melt away under the lens of the very same cameras that spun the incomplete story in the first place. They were the best to ever do it, and now we get to watch them actually do it. It’s a lot like being in the room while I’m making my Quick Picks.

I said last week that if the Eagles wanted to travel the long and winding road to a playoff spot, they needed to beat New Orleans. Well, they beat the Saints pretty handily, final score notwithstanding, and now there’s an argument to be made that the next five games are more than just winnable, they’re very winnable, to the point that we should expect them to win those games.

That stretch begins with a road trip to North Jersey to take on the lowly Giants, a team in disarray that finds itself in some serious times of trouble. “A Team in Disarray” should actually be on the front office’s business cards at this point, but I think the two of us would agree these Eagles aren’t good enough to just waltz into MetLife Stadium and walk out with a win. That said, keep pounding the ball down the opposition’s throat, protect Jalen Hurts, and let Darius Slay and his crew do what they do, and this should be a walk. Should.

Miles Sanders concerns me, so I’m hoping that Nick Sirianni calls Boston Scott’s number quite a bit. He shouldn’t be your workhorse, but I can certainly dig a pony’s worth of carries from him. I also expect to see Hurts find the end zone as a holiday gift for you, Big Blue.

In order to make the playoffs, the Eagles need to get back to where they once belonged, and that’s owning the Giants. I won’t guarantee it happens, I’ve got a feeling it does. Don’t let me down, guys. Eagles 31, Giants 10.

Offensive Standout: DeVonta Smith

Defensive Standout: Darius Slay

John (2-4-5): So, I’m in a conundrum. I’m trailing in the Quick Picks standings and need to pick up ground. Even without Jordan Howard, both the Eagles and Giants are well-equipped to handle the ground game. I have all the incentive in the world to gamble and bank on the Giants winning. 

I just can’t. The Giants are a mess. They were embarrassed on Monday Night Football, the G-men fired offensive coordinator Jason Garrett, their quarterback is terrible, and their offensive line is a sieve. While this does feel like a trap game, I can’t see this being a trip-up trip to the Meadowlands. 

Boston Scott is a nemesis of the Giants and I expect him to run well… but I have to think that Miles Sanders is going to rebound from his fumbles against the Saints. There’s going to be at least one game-breaking run, if not the (non-Jalen Hurts) run from Sanders. 

Conversely, Saquon Barkley lurks on the other side. I expect the Eagles defensive line and defensive backs to eat up the Giants like they are Thanksgiving leftovers. 

It’ll be up to the Eagles linebackers to limit Barkley’s game-breaking ability. If T.J. Edwards leads the charge against Barkley, the Giants will be mashed potatoes. Eagles 27, Giants 20.

Offensive Standout: Miles Sanders

Defensive Standout: T.J. Edwards

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