Week 15 Quick Picks: Eagles vs. Football Team

It feels like just yesterday that we were talking about how the Eagles weren’t going to be very good, but might beat the Falcons in Week 1. Now, it’s Week 15, and, well, the Eagles aren’t all that good, they did beat the Falcons, and actually find themselves in pretty good position to make the playoffs. Who’da thunk it?

The homestretch begins Sunday when a shorthanded Washington Football Team visits Lincoln Financial Field for the first of two games between the teams in a 14-day span. Washington currently holds the last NFC Wild Card slot, so with both teams sitting at 6-7, this is, as they say, a big one.

How will it turn out? Both guys got credit for a fairly easy Birds’ win over the Jets, so Joe retains the honor.

Joe (4-2-7): Look, my standouts stood out more than his standouts, so I really should have won, but whatever. It’s fine. I’m not mad. It’s fine! It’s fine.

If the season ended today, the Football Team would be off to Tampa to get sacrificed to Tom Brady and the Buccaneers in the Wild Card round. Actually, if the season ended today, it would probably mean there were no playoffs happening at all and we’re all stuck at home for the next couple months, but you know what I mean, and also, don’t rule it out.

(Note: Washington holds the tiebreaker over the Eagles due to their better divisional record, so that humiliating loss to the Giants really is the difference right now.)

W’s FT comes to town with something like 137 players on the COVID-19 list, give or take, making it a reverse Union-NYCFC situation, one that I’ve totally gotten over and didn’t affect me at all when NYCFC won MLS Cup six days later, thanks for asking. The Eagles are heavy favorites as a result.

What’s that flying in from out of nowhere? A giant RED FLAG. This Eagles team is not good enough to make me confident that they’re going to come through in this situation every time. Do I think they’ll come through this time? Probably. But this should be a cakewalk, and it won’t be, because one team has the “nobody believes in us” theory in its corner, and the other one still has Nick Sirianni, who somehow managed to avoid being the first 2021 offseason head coaching hire to be fired thanks to Urban Meyer’s hilarious clown show of a tenure in Jacksonville.

I was originally planning to be real edgy here and predict a 2-0 Eagles win due to a Washington forfeit, but it appears a forfeit is only on the table in case of an outbreak among unvaccinated players, and I don’t know that that’s necessarily the case here, what with the sheer number of guys on the reserve list, so I’ll save the edginess for one of my standouts. I’ll pick an Eagles win, but not one that makes us feel all that great about it. Eagles 22, Football Team 13.

Offensive Standout: Gardner Minshew

Defensive Standout: Josh Sweat

John (2-4-7): Will the real Philadelphia Eagles please stand up? The team has been tough to predict this year. It’s expected of a rebuilding franchise, but erratic coaching has torpedoed any semblance of balance and consistency.

Football Team has allowed the fifth-fewest rushing yards, so that means that the Eagles are going to pass the ball. Philly is going to rely on their biggest weakness, but WFT’s COVID-19 depletion might make this a non-issue. Look for Kenneth Gainwell to make an impact on the game on offense. 

It’s crunch time for the Eagles and the Quick Picks. I’ll counter Joe’s bland picks that forfeit the spirit of competition (“Offensive Line”… really?) with a bold swing for the fences. Eagles 28, Football Team 13.

Offensive Standout: Kenneth Gainwell

Defensive Standout: Avonte Maddox

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