Week 16 Quick Picks: Eagles vs. Giants

The Eagles overcame NFL chicanery and the Washington Football Team to pull into a tie for the final NFC Wild Card slot in Week 15. Now, playing just five days later – well, scheduled as of now to play just five days later – the Birds will host the Giants and attempt to avenge one of the stupider losses the franchise has suffered in recent years. Will they get it done? Read on!

John claimed victory without citing any real evidence, so he goes first?

John (3-4-7): What did we just see?  After a rough start that had Eagles Nation thinking back to Joe Webb (belated trigger warning), the coach, the quarterback, and the offensive line were in perfect synchronization on Tuesday night.

The offense is going to take another step forward. Look for DeVonta Smith to add his name to the team’s expanding offensive repertoire. If we learned anything from Tuesday evening, Jalen Hurts can be comfortable throwing the football and it’s only a matter of time before Smith dominates an NFC East game.

It might as well be against the New York Giants. Barring an upset, the death knell is resonating over the Joe Judge Era. Look for the Eagles to roll over the Giants and avenge the disappointment from a few weeks ago. Eagles 27, Giants 10.

Offensive Standout: DeVonta Smith

Defensive Standout: Darius Slay

Joe (4-3-7): Hold up. How did he win, exactly? Pretty sure I almost nailed the margin of victory, AND the general feel of the game. I am playing under protest.

The Eagles should also be playing under protest, as the NFL’s postponement of Week 15’s game with the Football Team was an absolute sham, and further proof that Daniel Snyder has some serious, serious kompromat on Roger Goodell.

As John somehow neglected to mention, Nick Sirianni is currently in COVID protocols, and there’s a chance he doesn’t coach on Sunday. I should make two separate predictions in that case, but then John would probably cry about it for literally six months, so I won’t. The reality is that the game plan should be the same regardless of whether it’s Nick Sirianni, Shane Steichen, the ghost of Marion Campbell, or a 14-year-old contest winner calling the plays. Run the ball down the Giants’ collective throats and win the game.

And as John also neglected to mention, Jalen Hurts was named a Pro Bowl alternate this week. I think he should be an alternate in the sense that every player who isn’t chosen as a starter is technically available as an alternate, but I digress. I wasn’t all that impressed with him the other night, in large part because of his lost fumble in the red zone – one of two times he put it on the turf – and the fact that his deep ball, specifically the one that he ridiculously threw into double coverage that Dallas Goedert even more ridiculously came down with, still quacks on its way down. I don’t care that he’s only about a year into being a starting quarterback in the NFL: you shouldn’t be fumbling the football, at all, ever, at this level, and if you can’t throw the deep ball with any zip on it, you can’t throw the deep ball at all, and if you can’t throw the deep ball, you’re not a starting-caliber quarterback in this league.

This game shouldn’t come down to quarterback play on the Eagles’ side, though; Hurts needs to hand the ball off on first and second downs, throw it or run with it on third, and get the team into the end zone. No passes more than “however many yards it’s third-and-” yards downfield. Just run it.

They will, and the defense will make sure Mike Glennon doesn’t hurt them. I wasn’t afraid of Daniel Jones, but I’m really not afraid of Mike Glennon. And yes, I am going to screenshot this and tweet about it when he throws for 300 yards and three touchdowns on Sunday. Eagles 25, Giants 16.

Offensive Standout: Jordan Howard

Defensive Standout: Fletcher Cox

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